Preparing for Civil Unrest

In some places of the world, Civil Unrest is a fact of life. In others, especially in the United States, we have been blessed to be able to, in most the places in the country, have a homogenous culture that provided for equality among its citizens and not.
As an architect seeing various tensions rise throughout the world and our nation, regardless of one’s political persuasion, the protecting of life doesn’t stop at keeping wind and rain and the elements at bay. It may also call for, at times, defending one’s life from terrorists as well as intruders into your home. It may call for protection in events of Civil Unrest.
How may an architect help?
Hardening the property is the first line of defense, in that you want to design the layout of your buildings or home to be able to stop people from coming in at various check-points prior to them gaining access to your home.
If they have gained access to your home, then having a ‘safe room’ to escape to is in order. There are multiple ways that this safety can be achieved, and each will vary depending on one’s budget resources as well as his house configuration.
As an architect, I can suggest a number of strategies that can help in planning your defense and escaping these types of situations with your life and property intact.

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