“How to…” Instructional Video Series

I would like to make the following set of videos available to people who have questions about a variety of architectural topics. Keep in mind that the videos are very much a ‘work in process’. My intention is to add content to the videos over time so that they are becoming more helpful as I add video sequences from real life, add content to the video presentation, and other enhancements. Let me know if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or if these have been helpful to you in any way.


  1. How to Get Started with Your Architectural Project?
  2. How to Understand the Finances Surrounding Your Architectural project?
  3. How to Design a Building?
  4. How to Get Architectural ‘As-Builts’ Completed?
  5. How to Construct a Building?
  6. How to use BIM in Your Building Design Project?
  7. How to Work With Building Codes?
  8. How to Analyze a Building’s Aesthetics?
  9. How to Draw a Building?
  10. How to Design a Porch Enclosure
  11. How to Design a Tenant Improvement?
  12. How to Design a New House
  13. How to Design a New Commercial Structure?
  14. How to Bench Press 1 Million Pounds?
  15. How to Stick to Achieving a Goal?
  16. How to Estimate Architectural Services via the Construction Cost per Square Foot Method?
  17. How to Estimate Architectural Services Using the Square Foot Method?
  18. How to Estimate the Cost of Architectural Services Using the Flat Fee Method?
  19. How to Address Your Architectural Mistakes with A Client?
  20. How to Pick Among Ways to Estimate an Architectural Project?
  21. How to Give Yourself More Space Using Architectural Concepts

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