What are Construction Documents and What Purpose do Construction Drawings Serve?

What does it take to design a building?

At Grizzly Bear Architecture and Design, the way that your architectural project is made clear to all of the parties who will both approve and build it is through the completion of a set of Construction Documents.

The Construction Documents are the ‘Bible’ for your building, typically containing drawings and specifications. The drawings are typically like those seen above, and are accomplished in a variety of ways, from the use of computer drafting programs like AutoCAD to BIM (Building Information Modeling) software such as REVIT or even hand drawings if needed. The purpose of construction drawings is to carefully show the quantity and locations of the individual elements of each design.

Specifications are typically text documents composed in a Microsoft Word or other type of format. The purpose of the specifications is to describe the quality of the work to be completed, as well as specific performance requirements as necessary.

Traditionally, Construction Drawings may consist of the following drawings:

  1. Perspective Drawings
  2. Plot Plans
  3. Floor Plans
  4. Exterior Elevations
  5. Roof Plans
  6. Sections
  7. Foundation Plans
  8. Framing Plans
  9. Interior Elevations
  10. Charts and schedules
  11. Other related details

Only through having a comprehensive set of construction contract documents will your project be able to be completed in a way that minimizes problems in the construction of your building.

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