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SCVRC: The Santa Clarita Valley Remote Control Raceway


Charles was able to save my business and legalize all of the improvements made… Charles worked with me over 2 years on this project, and allowed me to keep the doors to the business open the entire time. This was a very difficult project; without Charles’s experience and knowledge I would not have been successful in my dealings with the city.



E. Schlaifer

Miller Hull Partnership: San Diego Zoo Africa Rocks! and the Del Mar Civic Center

Prior to August (2015), we had determined that we would need additional manpower in order to finish the work within a

tight deadline, in that our in-house staff was at capacity. We needed a reliable, temporary person who could come in

and get the job completed with a very short learning curve using the advanced BIM technology our firm uses and a

depth of knowledge of the building code as well as building construction techniques in order to create details from

scratch for the special conditions that existed in the project. We found that person to be Charles Matthews.

He didn’t waste any time in getting to work when he began. To start, he was reliable and dependable, showing up in

many cases earlier than required in order to meet the demands of the day. He exhibited a care for craftsmanship and

professionalism as an Architect who knows how buildings are constructed. His technical software skills using Revit

and learning our implementation of collaboration software (Blue Beam) allowed him to quickly stay ‘in the know’

about the status of the work and make changes rapidly. He was a tremendous asset to the staff, in that he was able

to check their work and make suggestions as to how the work could be made more reliably, consistently and remove

potential headaches that can come with construction as well as potential litigation. He worked well with not only

potential vendors, but also our consultants and especially our client.

Charles is willing to go the second mile. His attitude is a good one, in that his view is not ‘can do’ but ‘will do’. We

were glad about the way that he jumped in and helped us reach our deadline with quality, skill, knowledge and

understanding in a timely way.

So, I recommend Charles for any work or jobs that you may have available. He has proven to be an asset to us, and

will surely be so to any person or organization requiring architectural services.


C. Kreiser, AIA

The Miller Hull Partnership





ILN Technologies Inc.

ILN recently acquired a new warehouse in Valencia California. Due to new ownership and new regulations in ADA and demolition, we had to retain an architect in order to do the work and obtain 3 different building permits.

After searching the internet for a reliable company, we contacted Grizzly Bear Architecture and Design, Mr. Charles Matthews, who had to provide us with new floor plan drawings as well as ADA work.

Mr. Matthews was prompt in his replies, his work was approved by the Valencia Building & Safety office who are very strict, the work was submitted in timely manner and approval was given on the plans the first time it was submitted.

We would recommend Mr. Matthews in the future and use him again as well.


USA Alarm Systems, Inc.

“USA Alarm Systems used the architectural services of Grizzly Bear Architecture and we were completely satisfied with the performance they provided.  Charles was very detailed in his walkthrough and provided the drawings in a timely manner.  We would definitely use Grizzly Bear Architecture and Design again for any of our architectural drawing needs and refer them to our clients.”

House Addition – The Mikels Family

“It has been nothing but a good experience working with you. We’ve enjoyed working with you. We totally love our new addition. The kids love it. They love the way it looks. They were kind of sad when we took the old room away because they didn’t know what was going to happen and where it went… But when they got the new room they were like, “…yeah, this one is a whole lot better!” And we’re glad that we have this. It just kind of opens up the house a little more… Gives us a little more room to move and be able to spend time together. We are all excited about this new addition and have nothing but good things to say as far as our relationship with your company.”

Tenant Improvement Testimonial – Triumph Actuation Systems – Valencia

“To whom it may concern,
I am the Facilities Manager at Triumph Actuation Systems in Valencia California. As a facilities manager I work with various contractors, vendors and suppliers on a daily bases.
I had the pleasure to work with Charles Matthews from Grizzly Bear Architecture these past several months. This was my first big construction project at this location and Charles provided me with direction and guidance throughout the process.
We encountered some obstacles during our permit process with LA County Regional Planning and Charles was able to help us overcome these obstacles. His actions kept the project on track and on time and helped us avoid additional cost.
When we found some construction concerns, Charles made himself available late in the evening to review and resolve the issue quickly and with an affordable design. He worked with the City Planning to approve the drawing changes and explained the details to our job superintendent to implement the changes in a timely matter.
Charles had made my life easier by providing excellent customer service and good ethical business practice. I would recommend Charles Matthews as one of our outstanding suppliers.

Thank you Charles.” –

Mike Baham, Facilities Manager

Tenant Improvement Testimonial- Maria’s Barber Shop

“We are new business owners and we were stuck in the plan approval phase with our city. We decided to hire Charles after two months of going back and forth between the city and our previous architect/engineering firm for our New Barber shop tenant improvements. Upon hiring Charles, it took him one week to work with the city to get the final part (ADA compliant parking lot improvements and water heater) of our plans approved!! Charles’ is very personable, responsive, knowledgeable, and a hands on architect who strives to get it right the first time!!

We highly recommend Charles and his firm should you need a responsible, reasonable, and professional architect for your construction project needs.” – Carlos and Yvette

“How-to” Video Series

Latest news – I have begun to post videos on a number of topics surrounding Architecture and related topics to YouTube; You may find the links to all of the videos here; Let me know if you have any comments, ideas, or suggestions below.

Family Picture of Charles and Stacey Matthews

The Family of Charles and Stacey Matthews

A California Licensed Architect…

Do you need a licensed Architect in Los Angeles County or the State of California? …do you need a building permit but the drafting company you hired just can’t finish the job? Maybe you need an Architect in Canyon Country, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Newhall, Saugus or Stevenson Ranch… a house addition or new single family residence anywhere in California? or maybe you need a Tenant Improvement, Build-out, or new commercial construction design project completed in and around Los Angeles? Do you have construction work you have begun without a permit, and have been issued a stop order? Do you need to obtain a Minor Use Permit in order to legally occupy a space? Do you have an updated Certificate of Occupancy?

Hello, my name is Charles Matthews, and I am the Architect for Grizzly Bear Architecture and Design. Welcome to my website.

Isn’t, “Welcome Home” what we all love to hear? The comforts of familiar surroundings with pleasant memories… the people, sights, smells and tastes of home… each of us has a different memory of home while young, but each of us also has a present common bond- that of the need for protection from the elements, a place to keep our things, a refuge that we can call our own, and a place to carry out business… working for our daily needs.

I am an architect who designs both commercial and residential buildings and remodels / tenant improvements. Helping you get to construction through designing floor plans, building layouts, and ultimately acquiring the building permit is my ultimate functional goal. But more than that, my overarching goal is to help you to enjoy the place you live or work in by way of increasing comfort, decreasing costs, and facilitating function.

While the need for shelter is obvious, the process of making new shelters or renovating old ones in this complex society we live in can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. My family and I like to live by seeking to organize as many things as possible in advance in order to make life smoother and free-flowing. Your architectural project can be the same way.

My emphasis and therefore the emphasis of my firm is planning… making sure on the front end that as many loose ends as foreseeable are handled up front. This type of planning helps make your work go smoother in the long run… also allowing you to adjust on the front end things that you will be able to much better handle on the ‘other side’ of your project.

If you have a question about your project, want to learn more about the process of architecture, or just want to bounce an idea off of us, ask below or call us today at 1-800-745-6973. If I don’t immediately pick up the phone, I promise to get back in touch with you within one business day. If you submit a question below, the same promise holds true.

I appreciate your giving me the opportunity to show you the website – attention to detail is in such short order these days. Let me know if I can help you with your work.

Best regards,

Charles Matthews
Registered Architect


— We are busily preparing to launch our new website, but feel free to browse around a little here while we prepare it!

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