How Can an Architect Help Me Add On to My House?

Small house addition

Small House Addition

Need more space? Ready to Upgrade?

Our Architect will assist you in making your renovation or remodel by creating floor plans or house additions that will result in your construction job being more than just a room design.

We begin with assessing your needs, proceed to reconciling those needs with your budget and schedule, and create a design that fits all three, your design requirements, your budget and your time schedule. We can provide bedroom ideas, new renovations to existing house designs, interior designs, and the addition of efficient, green design standards to your building project.

We realize that construction projects can be overwhelming, but with a skilled professional, it can actually turn out to be quite easy.

Grizzly Bear Architecture and Design can help make your modern day fairy tale come to life! And, even if the things you need are less than a ‘modern day fairy tale’, you have come to the right place.

We can help answer your questions and create a design proposal that fits your requirements.

Do you need to submit drawings and / or renderings to an HOA to show how any proposed work will affect the exterior of the building? With our visualization services, we can create three dimensional life-like  computer renderings that will present a realistic portrayal of your design.

You can get a quick ‘guesstimate’ of our services here, but if you would like a more carefully detailed determination of the costs involved, you should set a time to meet with the Architect.

We know that your house is your most expensive investment. To commit to changing it is a serious matter, but the ‘seriousness’ of the changes can be easily managed if you have a thoughtful and considerate process.

We are ready to help you reach your goals by offering Architectural services that are hard to find and very unique. Let us help you today!

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