How Do You Get Architectural ‘As-Builts’ Completed?

Here I am at a job site on September 12 documenting an 'As-Built' Situation.

Here I am at a job site on September 12 documenting an ‘As-Built’ Situation.

The Building Design process is an interesting one- it has aspects that have a ‘real-world’ direct impact, as well as an aspect of ‘pushing paper’. There is also the whole challenge of translation and communication.

As the Architect, oftentimes you are ‘translating’ an actual object or job site into a drawing, so that it can then be ‘re-translated’ into an actual building- of course after having gone through the approval and permitting process.

In order to do that, someone has to do the job of going to the site and taking measurements. Since I have lately been completing a number of jobs where I need to help people legalize structures that had not been legally built, the necessary first step is completing ‘As-Built’ drawings.

There is something about taking measurements at a jobsite that really helps you grasp the impact and extent of the work that needs to be completed. Sometimes, it may take a few trips to the site to get everything that is relevant or could be needed. There are literally (and potentially) thousands of details that may be helpful to document.

Below is a video I put together that gives an overview of the way that ‘As-Built’ drawings are completed. I will update the process that I go through over the course of time. Hope you enjoy the video!


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