What are the Definitions of Concept Design and Concept Illustration?

“Concept” is a reference to the ‘idea’, the ‘logos’ or the reason for being of a person, place or thing.

Concept Design is the process of determining the world view, stories, thoughts and ideas that will be communicated in any work.

Concept Illustration is the process of determining and showing the form a specific idea will take in a way that clearly communicates the concept design.

Based on a very minor general direction from the client as to theming (usually a one to three word description), concept design and illustration occurs when the designer communicates by way of drawings, videos, still renderings, or other medium the ‘form’ (shape or “container”) that the “concept” will take.

It is an exciting and interesting process – imagine… taking an idea and transforming it into reality! If you are interested, sign up here for more information.

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