What are Tenant Improvements?

3D View of the Interior of a New Tenant Improvement
3D View of the Interior of a New Tenant Improvement


A Tenant Improvement is an architectural service facilitating a tenant’s occupying a rented space through changing the rented space’s interior (sometimes moving drywall interiors around) to suit the functional and aesthetic requirements of the tenant. In this situation, little or nothing is done to alter the outside of the building unless the tenant receives prior approval from the landlord or property management company, or changes are necessary in order to meet government approval. Exterior signage may be added, but may in some cases be completed under a separate permit.

Change is inevitable and there are no exceptions for businesses renting spaces.

Remodeling services for commercial buildings can have a few different names. The services have been called “Build outs” or “Build ups”- but technically, it may be referred to as a Tenant Improvement.

Our Video Regarding the Tenant Improvement Process May Be Found by Clicking Here.

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