What is a Job Captain, and What Role Does an Architectural Job Captain Fulfill?

In our use of the term ‘Job Captain’, the Job Captain is seen as being below the Architect in terms of responsibility and hierarchy in traditional design firms.

The Job Captain is responsible for overseeing the actual drafting of the project and takes directions from the Project Manager, the Project Architect, and / or the Architect of Record.

Keeping details straight between the various stakeholders is the critical function of the Job Captain.

The Job Captain is the person who actual insures that either the draftsmen carry out instructions or, if through an unfortunate oversight the draftsman misses information, the Job Captain will perform and complete outstanding items or tasks that remain to be accomplished.

The skills and experience that the Architectural Job Captain must have vary from firm to firm. However, the primary requirement is skill in understanding ‘how’ a building is put together, as well as a keen understanding of the process required to document the building for the Planning and the Building & Safety Departments.

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