Why is 3D Modeling and BIM (Building Information Modeling) Using Revit and 3D Studio Max Helpful?

3D Modeling is defined as being the transformation of two dimensional shapes into 3 dimensional shapes CAD models or forms. At Grizzly Bear Architecture and Design, we have completed 3D Modeling in a variety of different venues… from the complex to the simple.

One of the distinguishing features of our firm is that the architect is trained in the latest and best 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software, known as Revit. This design software allows the client to be able to obtain a three-dimensional virtual preview of his building before it is built. Since the 3D modeling is inherent to the creation of the drawings, typical coordination mistakes are eliminated, thus resulting in more time being devoted to the function of the building instead of the elimination of possible drawing errors.

Additionally, with 3D Studio Max, our firm has the capability to render motion picture style quality videos of the architectural spaces we design for you.

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